This site has been down for a while because I've lost interest in maintaining a vanity site. With the wide adoption of Facebook and a number of small private message boards on which I can keep up with my friends, I see very little need for a web site about me.

I'm doing fine. Still writing, still building large-format structures, still enjoying conversation and goofing off, still working at building Wide Area Media with Brian and the crew.

The poetry readings will probably be ending in December. Steve wants to write more than put together readings and the whole "making up stuff about poets on the fly" thing just pisses off more douchebag poets than it amuses. It was a lot of fun for four years- if you were in the audience or if you read, thank you for being a part of it. It was a very special time and I believe in momentum. We'll still be doing crazy over-the-top things here and there, but as with The Language Foundry in Cleveland, all things wind down.

My name is Nick Traenkner.
I'm a poet when I'm writing poetry
I'm a maker when I'm making
This is fun, isn't it?
Feel free to fail.